Hyundai to compete in 24 Hours of Nürburgring


Hyundai will compete in the upcoming 24-hour Nürburgring race with three high-performance N brand models. The 50th 2022 ADAC 24H Nürburgring (24H Nürburgring) race will see Hyundai race in “The Green Hell” for the seventh time.


  • How many cars wll Hyundai field in the upcoming Nürburgring race?

    According to Hyundai, it will be using three cars: an Elantra N TCR, i30 N TCR, and an i30 Fastback N.
  • How many times has Hyundai competed in the 24 Hours of Nürburgring?

    This will be Hyundai's seventh participation in the endurance race.
  • “Motorsports is an ideal field for testing technology in the harshest conditions, and the technology proved at Nürburgring will be applied to mass-production cars. We expect that, through this year’s ‘Dare to Dream’ campaign, many global customers will become real racers through the Hyundai Driving Experience program and participate in a future 24H Nürburgring race,” said Hyundai Motors N-Brand Management and Motorsports Head Till Wartenberg.


    The South Korean brand will enter an Elantra N TCR, i30 N TCR, and i30 Fastback N cup race car (VT2 class) to further demonstrate the superb performance and durability of its N brand models.

    In addition, Hyundai also announced that it will run a “Dare to Dream” campaign for fans who are interested in motorsports and want to become an actual race driver. The campaign will begin in the second half of 2022 with a driver development program, train the participants, and nominate some of them as potential N racers for upcoming competitions.

    Hyundai Driving Experience instructors will participate in the VT2 class race as drivers this year.

    Those interested to see Hyundai compete in the 24-hour endurance race can visit the Hyundai Driving Experience website to view a livestream of the event.

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