Hyundai Tucson's Advanced High-Strength Steel Saves Couple from Rockfall

A couple in Hualien, Taiwan may have been saved from serious injuries--or even death--by the advanced high-strength steel used in their current-generation Hyundai Tucson as they escaped with only minor injuries after a rockfall that included a boulder estimated to weight around four to five tons wrecked their compact crossover.

The incident happened nearly a week ago on May 24, with heavy rains in the area reportedly triggering the rockfall. Following the incident, the couple are reportedly looking forward to buying another Hyundai vehicle.

"This car saved our lives, and we are ready to buy another Hyundai," the driver supposedly told the sales agent who sold them the Tucson.

According to Hyundai, the advanced high-strength steel used in the Tucson was designed to achieve best-in-class body rigidity, with its use in the model increasing from 18 percent to 51 percent. The Korean carmaker claims that the improvements in its use of advanced high-strength steel in the Tucson "allow for a more rigid body structure that enhances handling, performance, and safety without adding weight." It also disperses collision energy more efficiently "for added protection and safety."

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