In the know: Car mods that will not void your warranty


Car modification is the process of altering a vehicle’s looks and performance to suit the needs of its owner. From sick engine swaps to doomsday prepper-approved accessories, there’s no limit to the level mods you can do to your car, well, except when you have your warranty to worry about.


  • What are some car upgrades that will not void your warranty?

    Things you can add to your car that will not void your warranty include window tint, rain visors, seat covers, and phone mounts.
  • What are the things that can void your car's warranty?

    Heavy modifications that will most likely void your car's warranty will include changes to your car's electrical components, the chassis, and the engine.
  • While one can always go all out like Xibit in Pimp My Ride or get a special-edition variant of a particular vehicle model, it's still possible to achieve some level of modification through simple and subtle customizations — ones will give your car a personal touch but will not void its warranty. That said, we’ll look at some of the most popular car mods that will let you keep your warranty.

    Mitsubishi Mirage Ralliart

    1. Window tint

    Installing automotive window tints will not only give your car additional pogi points but also give you, the driver, protection against harmful UV rays.

    Generally speaking, window tints will not void your car’s warranty, especially if they are installed without having to take down your vehicle’s doors.

    2. Rain visors

    Another upgrade that will most likely not void your car’s warranty are rain visors. They are often attached to your car’s doors by way of double-sided tapes and when done correctly, will not cause damage that will get you into trouble.

    3. Seat covers

    They say you’d know if the owner of a vehicle is Filipino simply by looking at the seats. It’s become customary for most Filipino car owners not to remove the plastic cover of the seats in a brand new vehicle, at least not immediately.

    Should the time come to remove the plastic wraps, one can put aftermarket covers to preserve the quality of their car’s seats.

    Since most of these covers can be attached without removing any bolts and are held together by velcro and rubber garters, it’s safe to say that it will keep the warranty intact.

    4. Phone holders

    Many of today’s entry-level cars and base variant models do not come with navigation systems. On that note, many drivers resort to using their phones to help them find their way.

    Like the aforementioned window visors, most phone holders can be attached to the dashboard by way of double-sided tape or clips which make for a safe upgrade.

    Photos from Toyota and Mitsubishi

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