In the know: How to safeguard your vehicle during the rainy season

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The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) announced last week that the country has now officially entered the rainy season. While the damp and inclement weather might inspire some to catch up on their reading or binge-watching, it should prompt car owners to be more mindful of their vehicles.


  • What are the basic things you can do to safeguard your car during the rainy season?

    The basic car care tips during the rainy season include washing more often, applying wax or ceramic coat, and using a car dehumidifier.
  • How can you save your car from flooding or landslides?

    If you live in an area prone to flooding and landslides, you can park in a safe area and away from unstable structures.
  • On that note, we’re taking a look at some basic tips on how you can safeguard your vehicle during the rainy season.

    1. Wash your car more often

    Although it may look like a waste of energy — or money if you take your vehicle to a car wash — it’s actually important to wash your car more often during the rainy season. And while rainwater might contain fewer amounts of salt and mineral compared to regular, chemically-treated water, it can still leave watermarks and damage your car’s paint in the long run.

    In addition, your vehicle’s windshield can also accumulate watermarks from rainwater which might affect road visibility when driving.

    2. Apply wax

    If you want an extra layer of defense, you can apply wax onto your car’s exterior. Not only does it give your vehicle a lustrous sheen but it also provides your car an added layer of protection.

    Another option is to have the exterior finished with a ceramic coat. Ceramic coating can provide better protection than wax. Experts say that ceramic-coated cars can better resist heat, UV rays, environmental contaminants, and harsh detergents.

    3. Get a dehumidifier

    A car dehumidifier prevents airborne mold and bacteria from developing in your cabin. During the rainy season, your car’s interior will often be damp and moist because of wet shoes and wet clothes. A dehumidifier can help combat the growth of harmful microorganisms which means the air in your cabin is kept clean and you don’t have to worry about mold and mildew in your car’s carpeting, seats, doors, and headlining.

    4. Park in a safe spot

    In the Philippines, the rainy season also means increased occurrences of typhoons and thunderstorms. These natural phenomena can cause flooding and in some cases landslides. Make sure to park in a safe spot where your car can’t easily be reached by water just in case it begins to flood and away from unstable structures.

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