Kia Super Bowl Ad Highlights Overcoming Adversity with Running Back Josh Jacobs

Kia Super Bowl Ad Highlights Overcoming Adversity with Running Back Josh Jacobs

Ever wondered what you would say to your younger self while making your way through the world? Rookie Running Back Josh Jacobs has one--and it's an inspiring message of hope and determination that he wants to share in Kia Motors' Super Bowl ad spot for the all-new 2021 Seltos SUV.


Josh Jacobs had a challenging past. He rose from being a homeless boy who lived in the car with his family in middle school to a successful football career. Currently named "Offensive Rookie of the Year", his inspiring story shows how determination and optimism can be the driving force in achieving your dreams.

The centerpiece of the campaign, which made its debut today, is entitled: "Tough Never Quits". The 60-second spot was created by David and Goliath, and directed by John Hillcoat.

The ad starts with a boy running, while Jacobs looks on from a car window as he asked himself: “Sometimes I wonder what I would tell my younger self if I ever saw him?” he notices a young boy – representing a younger Josh Jacobs – running on the streets.

The voice-over continues, “I’d tell him, Josh, it’s going to be hard growing up homeless…but you got to believe in yourself. You got to be tougher than the world around you.”

The younger and older Josh both share a ride in some of the places that made Josh who he is today, eventually arriving at the field where Josh used to play as a youngster. The film finally transitions from the Young Josh at the local field to the ‘present day Josh’, as he exits the tunnel at a stadium during a football game. “And that field--that's your proven ground. Push Yourself to be someone and I promise someday you will,” are his last words of wisdom to his younger self.

Jacobs' story inspired Kia to put up the Yards Against Homelessness Charity, an extension of Kia's "Give It Everything" brand personality. Focused on uplifting America's youth, Kia will donate $1,000 for every yard gained in the Super Bowl. The donations will be divided among the StandUp for Kids, Positive Tomorrows, and Covenant House.

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