Lamborghini opens 520-sqm showroom in Geneva


Lamborghini has announced the recent inauguration of its showroom in Geneva. Located in Plan-les-Ouates in Rte de Saint-Julien, Lamborghini Geneva covers more than 520 square meters of sales area where customers can enjoy an all-around experience.


  • Where did Lamborghini inaugurate a new showroom?

    Lamborghini inaugurated its Geneva showroom.
  • Who attended the event?

    Present were Automobili Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann and other Lamborghini execs.
  • The new show area not only expanded the dealership’s showroom floor space but also gave the Geneva facility a new look that allows it to adapt to the new design and corporate identity that distinguishes the brand worldwide.


    Present at the inauguration was Chairman and CEO Stephan Winkelmann as well as Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer Federico Foschini and Lamborghini EMEA Region Director Francesco Cresci.

    “This opening is a new proof of the extraordinary efforts by our partners to offer our customers the service that they deserve, at the level of all that Lamborghini stands for. The new showroom has grown, just like our brand has in every sense. Lamborghini Genève is ready for the rollout of our product strategy, that will see us step into a new era with the full hybridization of all three model lines by the end of 2024,” said Winkelmann.

    Over 110 guests attended the evening inauguration event, presented on stage by the hostess Ellen Batelaan. They had the privilege of participating in the official opening of the dealership and watching live performances, as well as admiring the Automobili Lamborghini range.

    “Our new showroom opens an important chapter in the history that binds us to Automobili Lamborghini, and we have decided to inaugurate it on the 20th anniversary of our dealership’s establishment. Our customers not only have an innate passion for the brand and its products, but they are also highly demanding, and our new dealership was designed to offer an innately brand-oriented service at every step of the experience of purchasing and owning a Lamborghini,” said General Manager and Lamborghini Geneva shareholder Giuseppe Sciretta.


    The new showroom also features a reserved area given over to Ad Personam, the customization program that offers customers endless possibilities in personalizing their vehicles. Here, customers can specify customization requests including special paint colors and leathers, stitching, carbon fiber elements, and many more.


    In addition, the new Geneva office boasts a beautiful reception room, an area for entertaining customers complete with a large number of maxi screens, and an exposition of several Automobili Lamborghini Collection elements with display units specifically for the brand’s clothing and accessories, available for purchase both in the showroom and online.

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