Lamborghini teases new, and possibly last, Aventador


Italian luxury sports car maker Lamborghini will launch a new vehicle tomorrow, July 7, 2021. Lamborghini encourages its customers to tune in to their website where the official unveiling of their latest creation will take place.

The teaser photos show an unmistakable silhouette of the Aventador.

In the picture are two cars are seen driving — headlights beaming against the dark road — with the sun, most likely, setting behind their backs.

The dramatic take on this forthcoming launch has a deep, and somewhat, rueful meaning.

The sentence accompanying the teaser photo read, “it takes time to become timeless, and it’s not long now before you can get to experience something we consider the last of its kind.” 

The Aventador making its debut tomorrow might be the last in the series. Should that be the case, the last mid-engine sports car named after the famed fighting bull could be the highly-anticipated S Jota model.

Lamborghini introduced the Aventador back in 2011  — spawning several models including the Aventador SVJ and the Aventador S, as well as their roadster counterparts.

These current-gen models are fitted with the 770cv, naturally aspirated V12 engine capable of putting out 800 horses and can reach a top speed of 350kph. Knowing that we could be seeing the Aventador’s final form, we’re expecting it to pack a beefier powerplant and relatively advanced driving amenities.

If Lamborghini really is to reveal the last of the Aventadors, these cars are expected to sell fast, regardless of their sticker price.

Photo from Lamborghini

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