Let's Go Viral: Emergency Responders Fit All Their "Things" in the "Tetris Challenge"

Heard of the Tetris Challenge? If you did, then you'd probably never look at emergency responders--and the equipment and vehicles they use--the same way again.

The Tetris Challenge, which recently went viral worldwide, apparently originated from the Zurich Police Department. According to TRT World's tweet:

'Zurich's police department posted a picture where they laid out all the contents of a traffic police car, officers included, various emergency services from around the world joined in and dubbed it the Tetris Challenge".

This challenge is actually a mixture of voyeurism, organization, and a bit of "obsessive-compulsive skills" on the side. It shows outsiders what are the equipment and vehicles used by emergency responders like the police, firefighters, and even soldiers or military.

Really, the "pee-ka-boo" factor can be quite fun--and even informative from time to time.

Take, for instance, this Instagram Post by the City of Rosenberg's Fire Department: Who would ever thought that their equipment almost covers almost an entire basketball court?

Here is another example why the fire department is every hoarder's dream come true:

Or what about The Taichung Police Department in Taiwan? The policemen should get a reward for "Best in Pose".

We also couldn't help but wonder why the marines are all so--well, uh, green?

Thankfully, not all marine equipment are doomed to their usual, green fatigues. In this Tetris Challenge by the ROC Marine Corp, you can actually see splashes of color:

And this should be what our ambulances in the Philippines should look like. At the very least, they'll stand out and look stylish in our hellish traffic, right?

Of course, we've saved the best for last. Kudos to the Indonesian Air Force for adding an "edge" their poses in Braja Mesti's Inkphy Page:

So there you have it. These are just some of the thousands of interesting Tetris Challenge photos worth looking into.

This challenge has actually morphed into many branches already, and isn't exclusive to service providers and emergency responders only. If you have time, try to browse through all of them. You never know what you're going to find next.

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