SLEX traffic to ease up with New Skyway Ramp Opening

The leadership of San Miguel Corporation (SMC) expressed firm belief that the reopening of the third lane of the Skyway at-grade level and the opening of a new two-lane ramp connecting the Alabang viaduct to the elevated Skyway will help ease traffic condition in the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX).

SMC president and chief operating officer Ramon Ang said that enhancements done will ensure there will be 5 lanes available to northbound SLEX vehicles during rush hours even the full blast with construction of the Skyway Extension project is ongoing.

"Motorists will be able to use the original three lanes at the at-grade section, plus 2 more lanes at the elevated section,” Ang said.

Previously, 5 lanes on the SLEX would narrow to just 3 at the Alabang viaduct.

In oder for this to be possible, Skyway reconfigured and maximized the first section of the elevated Skyway coming from the Alabang-Zapote road to 3 lanes, from the original 2.

With the new ramp connecting to the elevated section, northbound traffic from SLEX can be accommodated without significantly impacting traffic coming from the Alabang-Zapote road.

The original design for the Alabang-Zapote road Skyway ramp, built by the previous concessionaire, is one lane northbound and one lane southbound.

At certain times in the morning, when traffic is heaviest, both lanes are used for northbound traffic.

The advantage of the new 3-lane configuration at the start of the elevated portion is that lane assignments can be easily adjusted depending on traffic volume.

As such, even with the new ramp, motorists coming from the Alabang-Zapote road will retain use of 1-2 lanes, depending on traffic volume.

In the evening, when southbound traffic is heavier, more or all lanes—including the two lanes on the new ramp--can be assigned for southbound use.

These measures are part of preparations for the construction of the Skyway Extension, a P10 billion SMC initiative to extend Skyway from Alabang to SLEX near Susana Heights and the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX).

To be completed December next year, it will add three northbound lanes and 2 southbound lanes on either side of the existing SLEX. It will allow both northbound and southbound motorists to bypass the Alabang viaduct.

With the December 1 openings on track, SMC is delivering on a promise to reopen the third-lane of the at-grade Skyway before the Holiday rush, and improve Alabang traffic by adding new lanes.

“We hope that our valued motorists will find these immediate measures satisfactory. Even as we start construction on the Skyway Extension--which is meant to be the long-term solution to traffic on the SLEX--we’ve already increased the number of usable lanes to help mitigate and improve traffic,” Ang said.

“But as with anything new, we expect a period of adjustment for motorists. This may still cause some congestion in the beginning, especially with the sheer volume of vehicles on the SLEX everyday. But we expect the traffic situation to improve quickly once we open,” Ang added.

As part of continuing efforts to manage traffic, Ang said that SMC’s tollway unit is mobilizing all traffic personnel to ensure efficient flow of traffic. They are also increasing the number of signs and providing advisories to motorists.

“We’ve also instructed our teams on the ground to constantly communicate with the different communities and villages for traffic matters. In the meantime, we continue to appeal for patience and understanding, as we work on providing a long-term solution to traffic in south Metro Manila.” Ang said.


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