Lexus shares images of BEV concept vehicle lineup


In a recent press release, Lexus shared a gallery of new pictures and animations of what could possibly make up the brand’s next-gen BEV lineup. The images shown include the sedan, SUV, sport, and RZ concept renderings from Toyota’s luxury division.


  • What did Lexus reveal regarding its future BEV lineup?

    Lexus shared pictures and digital renderings of its future BEV lineup.
  • What models are included in the revealed lineup?

    Included are the Sedan, Sport, SUV, and RZ BEV models.
  • The models, according to Lexus, were first revealed on December 14, 2021, in the corporate battery electric vehicle (BEV) announcement made by Akio Toyoda, Toyota Motor Corporation President and Lexus Brand Holder.

    Here’s what the four-door fastback BEV sedan looks like.


    The Sport BEV resembles its sedan sibling but with a lean, aerodynamic body.


    Here’s its beefy brother, the SUV BEV.


    The RZ looks like a shredded version of the abovementioned SUV.


    The new concepts are proposed to be part of a full line-up of BEVs Lexus recently unveiled under the collective vision known as “Lexus Electrified.”

    Photos from Lexus

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