WATCH: Marketing campaign for new Lexus NX portrays a different definition for success


Touted as a crossover for those who hustle, the 2022 Lexus NX looks to usher in the next chapter of design, innovation, and performance for Toyota’s luxury division.


  • When did Lexus' “Hustle for What Matters” campaign started?

    The NX “Hustle for What Matters” campaign started on January 3.
  • What marketing stretegies were included in the campaign.

    Lexus launched a series of videos on their official YouTube account and teamed up with Twitch, 100 Thieves, Google, and Roku for similar media drives.
  • Lexus NX marketing campaign, called “Hustle for What Matters,” is designed to reach those with great ambition who are carving their own paths. It leans heavily into the digital and streaming space in an effort to connect with this busy audience where they are most likely to engage.

    “The all-new NX is a strong representation of the future of the Lexus brand, and this campaign helps bring that to life. Redesigned from the inside out, the NX ushers in Lexus’ next chapter with bold design, connected driving feel, intuitive technology, electrification, and unmatched craftsmanship,” says Lexus Marketing Vice President, Vinay Shahani.

    The NX “Hustle for What Matters” campaign debuted on January 3, with a series of videos uploaded on Lexus’ official YouTube account.

    The first of which is titled “Hustle”, which depicts new takes on traditional rules for getting ahead and how the all-new NX prioritizes what matters for drivers. This is followed by “Get Ahead” where Lexus shows how the all-new NX helps drivers navigate daily challenges and “Elevate,” a video showing two filmmakers leverage the intuitive technology found in the all-new NX to capture something truly extraordinary.


    Defy,” on the other hand, focuses on the Hispanic audience, it illustrates a journey overcoming obstacles and the all-new NX helping to forge a new path. Meanwhile, “Shine” illuminates the all-new NX and LGBTQ talent in a city of lights on a road full of possibilities and refined opportunities.


    The videos “NX Level” are two clips made in partnership with award-winning integrated multicultural marketing agency, IW Group. They juxtapose the performance and technology of the all-new NX with the powerful athleticism of humans and were created specifically for East Asian and Asian Indian audiences.


    Lexus also teamed up with Twitch, 100 Thieves, Google, and Roku, to create a fully integrated media campaign for people who have varied definitions of success, be it taking over the e-sports world, having the ability to travel, or leveraging technology to create better balance in their lives.

    The “Hustle for What Matters” TV spots will air during primetime and sports, including the Winter Games, March Madness, and NBA. In addition to broadcast, Lexus will reach audiences through social videos featuring some of the broadcast talent, radio and digital. Out-of-home media will include airports, rideshare, ski resorts, and billboards.

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