LTFRB to Accept New TNVS Applicants Starting June 10

Good news for those who are looking to get into the Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) business! The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) will accept 10,000 new TNVS units applicants "starting on June 10, 2019."

Although no mention was made as to what region/s is/are covered by the new applicants, we presume it'll be for the Greater Metro Manila area. If so, this means the LTFRB is increasing to 75,000 the number of accredited TNVS units for the region. Currently, the limit for Metro Manila is set at 65,000 units as imposed by the agency on February 28, 2018.

At that time, based on an audit conducted by the LTFRB, up to the period of July 2017, Transport Network Companies (TNCs) had a total of 59,020 accredited partners "most of whom were not able  to file their respective applications for a Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC)" with the agency due to the moratorium on the acceptance of TNVS applications.

The last time the LTFRB accepted TNVS units applicants for processing was in March 2018. The agency noted though that there were fewer applications for CPCs for TNVS units then. As to why that would be so, the LTFRB noted that "TNVS owners have been unable or unwilling to file applications."

But is 75,000 units enough to cover Metro Manila? Not according to Grab Philippines Public Affairs chief Leo Gonzales who, in August 2018, said that the LTFRB should "increase the common supply base to 80,000 vehicles."

"This will help bring more passengers home and will allow new TNCs to scale," Gonzales added.

Concurrently, the agency also announced that appointment slots opened on December 17, 2018 for TNVS applicants "shall no longer be accepted by the end of business hour of June 7, 2019."

Grab Driver

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