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LTFRB’s Proposed Solution to Uber’s Suspension: Add More Taxis on the Road

Here’s a solution LTFRB proposes to commuters who depend on Uber for their daily commute: they’ll add more taxis on the road.

This is in response to the backlash that the Agency received from Uber users who are left stranded due to the ride-sharing company’s recent suspension.

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According to Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) Chief Martin Delgra, they are thinking of adding more taxis to help counter the huge demand of commuters who depend on these vehicles for their travel.

Delgra also added that he will seek the help of transport planners and experts regarding taxi franchises.

“We would like to get the help of transport planners and the expert of UP on how to calibrate giving or opening up more franchises again to address supply of taxi. I mean, to put in more supply to in order to address demand.”

Possible Tie-Ups with Taxi Operators and MiCab

LTFRB is also planning to meet up with taxi operators and MiCab, a Philippine-based ride sharing app that plans to release 7,000 taxi cabs in Metro Manila.

MiCab started in 2012, and has already been operating in Cebu and Iloilo. The company has already partnered-up with taxi operators and formally signed an agreement with two of the country’s largest taxi associations, Association of Taxi Operators in Metro Manila (Atomm) and Philippine National Taxi Operators Association (PNTOA).

Unlike Uber and Grab, the MiCab app will only connect passengers to its network of franchised taxis — not private vehicles. However, it shares a similar platform with transportation network companies when it comes to allowing passengers to rate the drivers and services they provide.

LTFRB plans to release 3,000 taxis in Metro Manila by October if their representatives come to a mutual agreement.

Traffic Situation Improved After Uber’s Suspension

Traffic and taxis on the road

Meanwhile, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chair Danilo Lim said that the traffic situation has lessened to about 5 percent after Uber’s suspension was implemented.

“Based on what we’ve heard, it seems traffic improved slightly. Because the problem really in Metro Manila is [volume] of vehicles,” Lim said during his press briefing at Malacañang.

“Of course, our traffic situation is still bad, but [Uber’s suspension] helped in some way,” he adds.

When asked about LTFRB’s plans to add more taxis on the road, he says he will support what the government thinks is the right thing  to do.

“What is important is whether they are taxis or Uber or Grab, that they follow the impositions of LTFRB,” Lim added.

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