Make Way for a New and More Powerful McLaren 765LT

Orange McLaren 765LT

The newest McLaren 765LT has recently been revealed, and yes, it's more powerful and better-performing than ever. Now part of the latest in McLaren's 'Longtail' series, the 765LT is considered the most advanced and engaging LT model built by McLaren Automotive. Orange McLaren 765LT “The 765LT is the most accomplished and exhilarating LT model ever from McLaren Automotive" said Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren Automotive. "Incredible performance and astonishing levels of driver engagement – the result of hundreds of detailed engineering actions undertaken to ensure the purest possible connection between driver and car – are the stand-out attributes of an LT developed with single-minded determination to deliver a wholly immersive driving experience to those who secure one of the 765 available to customer order.” The 765LT's origin is interesting. It's part of the 'Longtail' series, which started with the McLaren F1 GTR race car in the 1990s and since 2015, has seen road-legal LT models. Orange McLaren 765LT The 765LT's lineage promises every LT model is known for: driver engagement, track-focused dynamics, minimised weight, optimised aerodynamics and increased power are all amplified – particularly the first two. McLaren also made sure of its exclusivity, and built only 765 numbered cars for global orders. The advanced carbon fiber technologies and bespoke carbon fiber LT body panels and aerodynamic features are the main reasons for the 80kg (DIN) weight reduction compared to the McLaren 720S. It can churn out 754 horsepower and 800Nm of torque from its 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged McLaren V8 engine. Its transmission gearing is optimized for a stimulating in-gear acceleration and LT-specific suspension springs and dampers. These are the basis for the wholly immersive driving experience the new 765LT offers. Customers wanting to learn more about the 765LT can do so at McLaren retailers are taking expressions of interest in the new ‘Longtail’ now, and will announce the prices shortly. Deliveries will start from September of this year.

Superior Driver Engagement

The765LT offers a precise and dynamic ability on both road and track. It takes circuit performance to new heights, which makes every road drive a joy. The extraordinary levels of engagement between driver and car gives unparalleled feedback and connection. “The 765LT is faster, lighter and more powerful than any previous car with the LT badge and delivers almost telepathic driver engagement," said Andreas Bareis, Vehicle Line Director of Super Series, McLaren Automotive. " "The connection through the seat and feedback from the steering wheel is incredible, allowing a customer to fully exploit every aspect of the ‘Longtail’ abilities or simply take pleasure from each drive. This car is the very essence of an LT.”

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