Maxus G10: Flaws and applauses


The Maxus G10 is one of the newest players in the local minivan segment. Thanks to its modern styling and modern features, the Maxus G10 has become one of the ideal choices for Filipino car buyers looking for a family carrier or a commodity hauler.


  • What are the advantages of the Maxus G10?

    We loved the Maxus G10's good ride quality, agile steering, and the optional PWD-friendly trim.
  • How much is the Maxus G10?

    The Maxus G10 is priced from P1,790,000 to P2,189,800.
  • Interested to find out if your family needs a Maxus G10? Join us today as we check the flaws and applauses of Maxus’ minivan.

    maxus g10


    Smooth and quiet ride

    One of the things you’d want to get right when buying a family car is ride quality. There’s no cargo more precious than the wife and the kids right? That’s why people are willing to pay a premium for a minivan that rides smoothly and quietly.

    Supporting the Maxus G10 are MacPhersons at the front while a five-link coil spring setup takes care of the load at the rear. Granted that you will still feel the G10 slightly shake when you drive through deep potholes but the arrangement of the suspension — plus the long wheelbase — ensures a better overall ride quality.

    Agile steering

    For a minivan, the Maxus G10 feels graceful and nimble. Thanks to its hydraulic power-assisted steering, you’ll find that this minivan is easy to maneuver.

    Optional PWD-friendly variant

    The Maxus G10 comes in a PWD-friendly “Assist” variant with programmable swivel seats with an armrest and is finished in PU leather. The Maxus G10 Assist makes for a great option for families living with seniors or with a disabled member. This paired with the minivan’s smooth and quiet ride quality will keep your physically-challenged passengers feel comfortable in both short and long trips.

    Maxus G10 Assist


    Underwhelming entertainment system

    One of our gripes with the Maxus G10 is its underwhelming infotainment system. It does have a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth and USB but we think that it would be better with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

    Limited cargo space

    The Maxus G10 lacks enough luggage space as the seats are pushed far at the rear. Those who need space for wheelchairs and whatnots will have to fold the rear seats.



    For its price, the Maxus G10 offers good features and good ride quality. This allows the minivan’s flaws to be easily overlooked making it a good choice for a first family car.

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    Maxus G10
    ₱1.89 - ₱2.19 Million Emi Starts : ₱32,423

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