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Maxxis PH Launches Four New Tires

North Trend Marketing, the official distributor of Maxxis tires in the Philippines, recently launched four new tire models. Led by the new Maxxis Premitra HP5, the three other tire models launched are the Mecotra ME3 for cars and the Bravo HPM3 and Razr MT772 for crossovers and sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

The Maxxis Premitra HP5 is Maxxis Philippines’ newest entry for the high-performance tire market. The Premitra HP5 has full silica tread compounding that delivers high-speed traction and excellent wet and dry performance. Its newly-engineered rib pattern design has improved straight-line stability at high speed with superb response in handling while the four main grooves enhance water dispersal for excellent wet road traction. The curved shoulder blocks and refined ride sound reduction tread bar reduces road noise for a quieter ride. Lastly, the Premitra HP5 also has an electric conductive channel built into the tire which eliminates static electricity.

Based on Maxxis’ comparison test between the Premitra HP5 and its competitor from a French tire brand, the Premitra HP5’s performance is at par with the competition, from mileage wear and rolling resistance to braking distance and noise comfort.

As for the other three tires Maxxis Philippines launched, the Mecotra ME3 is designed for passenger cars, the Bravo HPM3 is marketed for crossovers, while the Razr MT772 is for SUVs that periodically go off-road.

Maxxis tires are manufactured to original equipment manufacturers’ specifications and are tested not only in its own expansive proving ground in China–that was built to be at par with the world’s best–but at tire testing centers worldwide as well.

“As a trusted global brand, Maxxis is always seeking new ways to offer better driving experience on and off road by utilizing advanced tire technologies that offer improved control, stability, and safety,” said Maxxis Philippines’ Product Manager Jaybee Atanacio. “”Since every tire is a product of intensive research, you’re assured of over-all performance for years, making it a wise and economical choice for all drivers today. Today, we are proud to bring in four new tires that aim to be game-changers, especially in the Philippine market. With Maxxis, enjoy greter confidence and comfort on the road. With our advanced products and services, you’ll undoubtedly discover a more impressive and more powerful driving experience, one that exceeds all market expectations. Try them now.”

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