McDonald's Releases Tomica Happy Meal

Toyota Supra McDonald's

Now, even adults are expected to order Happy Meal as McDonald's in Japan released Tomica models in the kid's meal.

Around nine Tomica scale models will be released on a limited run.

Since April 17 until April 30, McDonald's has sold a Hino firetruck, a Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500, a Tomica bus and an ambulance.

By May 1, McDonald's will release a variety of models that will include Toyota GR Supra, Mazda CX-5 Police car, and flatbed car and a concrete mixer. A mystery model is also slated to be released on May 1.

Tomica McDonald's

According to Toyota GR website, the "sales period of each toy is different at all McDonald's stores in the Kyushu area and some stores in Yamaguchi Prefecture."

The sad thing about it will only be available in Japan. The release of the scale models is also to celebrate the toy maker’s 50th anniversary.


Photos from Toyota GR and McDonald's Japan

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