McKupler, Inc. offers Mobil Super Series to safeguard powertrains vs. wear

Mobil Super Series

Despite varying in viscosity to fit certain engine types (gasoline or diesel), all motor oils seem to be the same. However, McKupler Inc. begs to differ as it offers motorists the Mobil Super Series.

Designed to address issues surrounding engine protection and extended life, the Mobil Super Series is made up of three engine oil variants to best fit one’s vehicle. These are the Mobil Super 3000, Mobil Super 2000 and the newly improved Mobil Super 1000.

Mobil Super 3000

Intended to give “Super All-in-One Protection,” the Mobil Super 3000 fully synthetic motor oil is tailored to provide smoother acceleration and mileage benefit up to 10,000 kilometers.

Meanwhile, the Mobil Super 2000, dubbed as the “Super Friction Fighter,” is said to enhance engine wear protection up to 7,500 kilometers.

Mobil Super 2000

Meanwhile, the Mobil Super 1000 premium mineral oil, which is aimed dish out “Super Everyday Protection,” is set to extend engine life with its “ExtEngine Molecule Technology." This engine lubricant can give this benefit for up to 6,000 kilometers.

In a statement, the official distributor of Mobil products said that the three product offerings (which can cater to the motor oil needs of many Japanese and Korean automotive brands) have heat-activated anti-wear molecules that assist in keeping the engine clean, even at high temperature.

Mobil Super 1000

Further, the company claimed that the lubricants “have met and exceeded the latest API SP gasoline engine oil test specification and can be used in cars that require older API standards.”

The Mobil Super Series oils are available at all leading partner auto supply shops nationwide and at .

Photos from McKupler Inc.

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