McLaren Automotive's Range of Cars to Go All-Hybrid by 2025

In seven years' time, McLaren Automotive's entire range of cars will be 100 percent hybrid, with 18 news models and its derivatives to be launched between now and 2025. McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt revealed the plans at the ongoing Goodwood Festival of Speed as part of the British carmaker's ambitious and wide-ranging business plan that will take it to its 15th anniversary. Called Track25, the business plan also sees McLaren Automotive developing a lighter, superfast-charging, high-power battery system for performance applications that is expected to have over 30 minutes of electric range around a race track. Other components to plan has McLaren Automotive doing the following by 2025: building a new Ultimate Series car as a successor to the McLaren P1; expanding its markets as well as evaluating several major new markets including Russia, India and Central/Eastern Europe from the current 86 retailer network to 100 retailers; and expand its production by almost 75 percent over current levels to around 6,000 cars a year by the middle of the next decade, will all cars still being hand-assembled at the McLaren Production Center in Woking, England. "Everyone at McLaren Automotive remains constant in their focus of designing and crafting the world’s best drivers’ cars," said Flewitt. "True to McLaren’s spirit, however, our ambitions, continue to grow and our GBP1.2 billion (over PHP84 billion) Track25 business plan which covers 18 new models, including a new McLaren P1, is clear proof of that. We are a luxury brand that is committed to investing in innovation, whether that’s in the development and manufacture of our own carbon fibre tubs as part of a new GBP50 million (over PHP3.5 billion) British-based production center, new powertrains with our entire range due to be hybrid by 2025 or the deployment of technology to enhance the driving and owning experience." "As a global brand we are set to add more retailers in both existing and exciting new markets as demand for our products continues to grow," Flewitt added. "While our plan sets the direction for the next seven years to take us through to the middle of the next decade, we need to also pause and acknowledge the great effort, ingenuity and competitive spirit of all of our incredible people on which our success, both now and in the future, rests." Could this mean that we might see a McLaren Automotive dealership in the Philippines within the next seven years? We'll just have to wait and see.

McLaren Automotive Production Line

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