Mercedes Adds AMG Line to Their Subscription Service

As the embodiment of class and luxury, Mercedes Benz’s lineup consists of some of the best luxury cars in the market.

For those looking to buy or just want to experience being in a Mercedes, the German automotive company offers the Mercedes Benz Collection.

Mercedes Benz Collection is a monthly subscription service in the United States that allows you to drive an entire range of vehicles.

Mercedes Benz Collection offers the chance to drive any Benz you want without any mileage limits. Choose the car you want from the app, wait for it to be delivered to the nearest service center, and start driving. Maintenance and insurance is already covered by your subscription fee.

Mercedes-Benz is expanding their Collection lineup to include a brand-new tier consisting exclusively of the company’s AMG high performance models. The AMG line is currently available only in Atlanta, Georgia. The AMG-Exclusive tier provides car enthusiasts with unprecedented access to the top echelon of the Mercedes-AMG product line.

"With the AMG-Exclusive tier, our subscribers now have unlimited access to world-class performance luxury at their fingertips," said Heiko Schmidt, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Subscription Services USA LLC.

"For over 50 years, Mercedes-AMG’s reputation for automotive performance, quality and precision workmanship has built a strong customer following across the globe, including in the U.S. The pilot program in Atlanta is an incredible opportunity for our subscribers to be part of this rich tradition, and experience the horsepower and thrill of the drive synonymous with our best-in-class Mercedes-AMG vehicles."

"After receiving feedback from subscribers who had a chance to drive select Mercedes-AMG models in other tiers, it became clear there was significant demand for us to create an opportunity for them to enjoy the full Mercedes-AMG experience," said Craig Walters, Director, Mercedes-Benz Subscription Services USA LLC.

"Customers can experience various AMG models, depending on their preferences, changing vehicles for any occasion without restrictions commonly associated with owning or leasing a car.

The introduction of the AMG tier reinforces our commitment to meeting consumer expectations and providing the most diverse subscription service in the industry."

For Mercedes-Benz Collection subscribers who have been craving the feel of AMG’s signature handcrafted V8 engines, they can now satisfy their needs just by tapping an app. There are nearly a dozen new Mercedes-AMG models, including sedans, coupés, roadsters and SUVs.

“Mercedes-Benz Collection allows subscribers to switch between different types of vehicles depending on their needs or lifestyle. With over 60 model variants in the program, the concierge-driven service offers the broadest selection of any vehicle subscription service in the luxury market for drivers who prefer variety, flexibility and convenience. A collaboration between Mercedes-Benz USA LLC, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA LLC and Mercedes-Benz dealers, Mercedes-Benz Collection launched in June 2018 as a pilot program,” their press release stated.

The three other tiers in the program are as follows: Signature, Reserve and Premier, with prices ranging from $1,095 to $2,995 per month, depending on market and tier. The AMG-Exclusive tier is being introduced at $3,595 per month. Subscribers have to pay a one-time activation fee of $495 and may then choose from a range of Mercedes-Benz vehicle styles offered in that subscription tier. Included in the monthly subscription fee for each tier are insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance, vehicle maintenance and no mileage limitations.


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