Mercedes-Benz PH pays tribute to dads with these inspiring stories


Father’s Day is just around the corner. That said, Mercedes-Benz Philippines shares its clients’ success stories to inspire others.

Let’s check out what makes these men so-called "Star Dads."

The importance of time and spiritual guidance

“Love language for them is spelled as T-I-M-E,” says Marvin Caparros. The husband and father of three shares that it is important to make time for one’s family.


Caparros adds, “Children grow up quickly, and being part of that phase in their lives is priceless.”

Fathers are hardwired to take the most responsibility in taking care of their families and make decisions with their family’s best interest in mind. But despite their busy schedules, they still find time to spend with their loved ones.

Caparros also shares how spiritual guidance helped him overcome life’s hardships.

“A father’s success is when they can raise good children in the eyes of God as he is entrusted with such a precious gift from above to have the privilege of being a father here while we live,” he shares.

Relationship with the family and turning passion into reality

Fostering a happy and loving family is one of the best gifts a father can give their children.

That’s why Dr. Ricardo Javison believes that having common ground with his family can pave the way to sound relationships.


“The biggest challenge as a father is creating work-life balance and this is something I prioritize,” explains Javison.

“We may find ourselves still out working or we can be at home but still… working. Your family knows when you are at work, but you must make them feel whenever you are at home as a father. That is not only giving quality time to your family but also... a lot of quality time. It must be both,” the doctor adds.

Javison is passionate about being a successful father and makes a happy life a reality for his family.

“I admire my father for two things: generosity and focus. He may not have that much but his heart extends to his hands... He knows what he wants and works on it despite some distractions. I want my kids to inherit these traits as key to their success,” shares Javison.

Hard work pays off and leads to success

Good values and a great character are just some of the reasons why David Gomez looks up to his father. And according to him, these are some of the things he would like to pass on to his children.


“I have a daughter and a challenge for me is making sure that they grow up with good values like what their grandparents have taught me,” shared Gomez.

The entrepreneur received a 1983 W123 Mercedes-Benz 300d from his father back in his high school days. A time came when they had to let go of the ‘83 300d but after a decade, Gomez bought the old chedeng back. After a few restoration procedures, he gave it to his dad as a gift last Christmas.


Of course, the feat of bringing the W123 back to its former glory was not easy. It took Gomez hard work to get things done for his old man.

Like these Star Dads, the father of the automobile Karl Benz, also believed in these things. History tells us that Benz was the first to invent the world’s first car back in 1886.

He believed in the importance of time and hard work. It took the man several years, financial setbacks, and unsupportive associates to finally make it.


Today, Mercedes-Benz is one of the most popular brands in the automotive industry. The company’s three-pointed stars remain one of the most recognized icons in both the local and global automotive scene.

Photos from Mercedes-Benz

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