New Mercedes-AMG SL to use new bodyshell architecture


The new Mercedes-AMG SL will be outfitted with a new bodyshell made from a fusion of durable and lightweight components, said the German car company in a recent press release.

Designed and engineered initially for motorsports, the lightweight composite aluminum chassis will now become the backbone for the new Mercedes-AMG SL production models in coupé and roadster forms.


"The development team in our bodyshell design area was faced with an extremely appealing, but also challenging task: When we were commissioned to undertake the overall development of the new SL, we started from scratch, so to speak, without building on any existing structure. We can be justifiably proud of the result, which proves, once again, the high level of development competence in Affalterbach,” said Mercedes-AMG Chief Technical Officer Jochen Hermann.

Featuring aluminum, steel, magnesium, and fiber composites, the bodyshell of the Mercedes-AMG SL promises the highest possible rigidity coupled with light bodyweight.


To put things into perspective, the torsional stiffness of the new bodyshell is 18 percent higher compared to the previous model, transverse rigidity is increased by 50 percent, and longitudinal rigidity is about 40 percent higher.

The bodyshell has been optimized to give way to the Mercedes-AMG SL’s comfort and safety features, onboard car tech, and iconic soft top.

Cast aluminum components are used at the nodal points where forces come together or where functions are highly integrated giving the bodyshell better overall structural integrity.


The materials are constructed using modern joining techniques such as MIG welding, laser welding, punch riveting, blind riveting, MIG soldering, glued seams or flow hole bolts, as well as precise toolmaking, to raise the level of the bodyshell value appeal to the highest level says the German automaker.

Hermann further added, “on the one hand, we have managed to reconcile the high package demands, while on the other we have been able to achieve excellent rigidity values in all areas in conjunction with a favorable weight, so providing the basis for agile driving dynamics and exceptional comfort.”

Mercedes-Benz Philippines gives Filipinos a taste of their AMG-spec vehicles through local offerings like the AMG A 35, AMG CLA 35, AMG GLB 35, and the AMG G 63. 

Photos from Daimler

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