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Michelin Eyeing to Use 80% Sustainable Materials in its Tires

We are seeing many advancements in this technological era. However, while those advancements validate the greatness of human race, we also need to be concerned in sustaining our environment.

Michelin is among the many companies that understands the value of taking care of our planet as seen on its research and development program. One of the latest plans of Michelin is to manufacture all its tires using 80-percent sustainable materials by 2048. The company is also targeting to recycle 100-percent of its tires in the next three decades.

Currently, Michelin tires are made using 28-percent sustainable materials, which are sourced from natural rubber, sunflower oil, limonene, recycled steel, among others. To achieve its ambitious target, Michelin is investing in high technology recycling machines as well as in research programs.

Last year, Michelin introduced an airless tire made of bio-sourced and recycled products that’s dubbed as the Vision concept. The said tire concept features a bio-degradable tread that can be renewed with a 3D printer, which is seen as a mobility solution to reduce car’s environmental footprint.

You might argue that Michelin’s target is still far from reality but, that’s not the point. The thing that matters most in this news is Michelin’s forward thinking, which leans towards finding ways to help sustain the environment.

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