MMDA’s Bong Nebrija Becomes Agency's New EDSA Traffic Manager

MMDA’s Bong Nebrija Becomes Agency's New EDSA Traffic Manager

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has named Bong Nebrija as its newly-appointed EDSA traffic manager, effective December 10, Monday.

In his new role, the former head of the agency's Task Force for Special Operations vowed to instill some much-needed discipline among motorists using Manila's major artery. He is asking the support of motorists and commuters as he takes on his new role in the agency.

"We need to address whole caboodle of problems along EDSA," Nebrija said. "To do this, we need the cooperation of road users--pedestrians, drivers, private motorists. There should be full enforcement of the law."

Nebrija has figured prominently in many viral videos involving the MMDA. His take-no-prisoners approach to apprehending erring motorists regardless of status or position in society, as well as his level-headedness in arguing with traffic violators, has gained favor with the general public.

Nebrija is taking over the post of retiring chief traffic inspector Rodolfo Calpito.

MMDA General Manager Jose Garcia Jr. said that Nebrija has full authority to deal with any issues that affect traffic flow in the primary thoroughfare. Garcia expressed his confidence that Nebrija will be able to tackle the EDSA traffic problem competently, as congestion worsens with the coming Christmas rush.


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