New Volkwagen Golf GTI to Premier in Geneva

New Volkwagen Golf GTI to Premier in Geneva

Apparently, the 2021 GTD isn’t the only car that Volkswagen will be unveiling at the Geneva International Motor Show this March. The quintessential German car brand has announced that it will also be showcasing the latest iteration of the Volkswagen Golf GTI at the famed Swiss automotive event.

With introduction of the Golf’s eighth generation late last year, many have been awaiting the arrival of its high-performance version, and the inclusion diesel option in the GTD will likely be a welcome addition for the Golf’s ardent fans.

The GTI’s beloved qualities remain intact—the clean design, agile running gear, powerful gas engine, and the unmistakable front-wheel drive config are all here as well as more recent staples like GTI insignia in the radiator grille and checkered seat covers.

As for how the car will look, VW says we’ll have to wait for the big reveal in Geneva. They did send a teaser photo to help tide fans over until then.

With regards to the updates, a bevy of digitalized features and intelligence assistance systems help the aging model remain relevant in the modern age.

In particular, VW’s new Car 2X tech will allow the GTI to ‘communicate’ with other Car 2x-equipped vehicles and even roadside infrastructure, sharing trip details and other information to enhance everyone’s safety on the road.

Other nifty tech additions include the Travel Assist feature, which aids driving up to a speed of 210 kmh and handle some mild autonomy including steering, braking and accelerating functions.

Likewise, the interior landscape of displays and controls is fully digitalized, a first for the Golf GTI.

For some style, buyers can opt for the LED crossbar integrated into the daytime running lights.

Although Volkswagen didn’t release the GTI’s performance numbers, the company promises that “the GTI turbo engine will exceed expectations.”

“The same can be said of the running gear, which can be set precisely by the driver in conjunction with a new DCC generation (adaptive chassis control),” VW adds.

The 2020 Geneva International Motor Show, now on its 90th edition, runs from March 5 to 15 this year, with some opening ceremonies kicking off as early as March 3.

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