New Yamaha PH Chief to Keep Pressure On Despite Mio's Success

New Yamaha PH Chief to Keep Pressure On Despite Mio's Success

The new leadership of Yamaha Philippines is not taking the achievement of the Yamaha Mio in the country sitting down.

In fact, newly-installed Yamaha Motor Philippines President Hiroshi Koike said that they will continue to do their best keeping their post of being the top-sellingf Automatic Motorcycle in the Philippines.

"We are very proud to achieve this," Koike said. "You know it's difficult to stay on top than getting there. There are pressure, but I would like to keep the Mio strong."

Since 2007, Yamaha has been leading the country in providing Automatic Motorcycle with the Yamaha Mio series--Mio Sporty, Mio i125, Mio Soul i125, and Mio Aerox.

As of the moment, the totality of automatic category share in the motorcycle industry is now at 43 percent. Out of the said figures, Yamaha holds 62 percent of the market.

"Expectation gets higher and we want to keep on exceeding that," Koike said.

Meanwhile, with the recent achievement comes new ambassadors for the Mio lineup.

Joining Matteo Guidicelli (Mio Aerox) as ambassadors are Maureen Wroblewitz (Mio i125), TJ Monterde (Mio Sporty), and Alodia Gosengfiao (Mio Soul i125).

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