Nissan Releases ‘Ode to Empty Roads’ Video


Looking on the bright side of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s nice to see people spending more time with family, eating healthy, home-cooked meals. And with the restriction on land travel implemented in many countries worldwide, we’re also seeing clearer skies free of smog, and probably most impressive of all, traffic-free roads. Nissan takes some time to appreciate this fortunate side benefit in a new video, as the world ramps up its efforts in combatting the dreaded the disease, and governments all over are implementing lockdowns and travel bans to prevent its spread. Dubbed ‘Ode to Empty Roads,’ the new video is a glorious tribute to the empty roads and highways that we are now observing all around the world. The video is mainly shot in Dubai. Showing thoroughways free from any trace of cars and pedestrians, indeed, the video is a powerful statement to the current situation we all now face. Nissan’s heart in general has been in developing the most advanced smart mobility technology that makes people safer on the road. With its priority on safety, the Japanese car maker encourages everyone to enjoy the Nissan Intelligent Mobility systems infused in its cars designed to provide a highly innovative and safety-enhanced driving experience. And although it does the company no good to tell people to keep their cars in their garages and stay at home, the company understands that ultimately, it’s more important to stay health and be safe. More than the video, Nissan plays an active role in helping to alleviate the suffering endured by people affected by the disease. In its headquarters in Japan, Nissan announced the temporary adjustment in its production at three of its manufacturing facilities there, to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and prioritize the well-being of employees, their families, suppliers and society in general. Nissan PH did something similar here when it closed all of its dealerships in Luzon to comply with the Philippine government mandated enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). The brand also announced that it will be extending the warranty of vehicles that are expiring during the ECQ period by 30 days, in accordance with the month-long quarantine.

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