Nissan unveils e-Power in PH

Nissan e-Power

Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI) has officially unveiled its electric/ICE powertrain system in the country.


  • How does the Nissan e-Power work?

    Nissan Philippines General Manager for Communications Dax Avenido said that e-Power has an internal combustion engine that propels the battery-powered electric motors directly connected to the vehicle's wheels.
  • How many driving modes does the e-Power system have?

    The Nissan e-Power system has three modes: Sport (S mode), Eco, and Standard.
  • In an interview, NPI General Manager for Communications Dax Avenido said that the unique system —known as the e-Power — features an internal combustion engine that propels the battery-powered electric motors that are directly connected to the vehicle's wheels.

    “The internal combustion engine does not directly propel the engine but acts as a generator to the electric motors that is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack,” Avenido explained to Carmudi Philippines.


    He noted that the system will serve as a gateway for customers who are planning to shift to fully-electrified vehicles but are still concerned about the certain constraints such as limited infrastructure, among others, that surrounds electric vehicle ownership.

    In a statement, NPI said that the e-Power delivers an EV-like drive (powerful, smooth, and quiet) without the need for external charging.

    “The e-Power system is also proof of Nissan's innovation and pioneering spirit in the field of electrification. In developing the powertrain, the Japanese automotive manufacturer revolutionized the existing technology by further reducing the weight of the components, developing more responsive motor control methods, and optimizing overall energy management,” NPI shared.

    Further, Nissan said that the system “provides excellent fuel efficiency" as the gasoline engine is set to operate at an optimal speed and only runs to charge the battery.

    Although not sharing any figures, Nissan stated that e-Power delivers powerful and smooth acceleration almost instantly. The acceleration is smoother, thanks to the precise electric motor control at 1/10,000 per second.

    Moreover, the Nissan-technology comes with the e-Pedal Step feature wherein motorists can accelerate and decelerate down to a crawl using only the accelerator pedal. It also has regenerative braking that creates electricity even with slight deceleration.

    Furthermore, the e-Power comes with three driving modes namely Sport (S mode), ECO, and Standard.

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