Nissan's First Subscription Service Allows Drivers to Switch Cars DAILY

Nissan's First Subscription Service Allows Drivers to Switch Cars DAILY

Feel like changing cars every day? Then perhaps you can avail of Nissan's "on-demand driving" through its test of subscription service model called Nissan Switch.

Here's the bad news, though: it's only available in the US (for now). Still, we couldn't help but wonder why this can't also be done in the Philippines, especially with such a new concept like this one. Really, imagine how that can change the ballgame in favor of Nissan Philippines.

The program, which launches in the Houston area, offers different vehicle models, including the all-electric Nissan Leaf Plus, Titan Pickup, and GT-R.

“Nissan Switch is another way that Nissan is testing alternatives to the notion of traditional mobility, without long-term financial commitments for our customers,” said Andrew Tavi, Vice President, Legal, External Affairs and Business Development, Nissan North America, Inc.

“This program provides more choice, convenience, and flexibility. For those who want a sedan during the week and an SUV or sports car, like the GTR, on the weekends, Nissan Switch provides the solution.”

The Nissan Switch subscription program is powered by Clutch Technologies LLC (Clutch). It offers customers the chance to purchase vehicles that represent the latest model year using well-equipped trim levels, with some vehicles that even include driver-assist technology for shoppers who want to try other features (such as the Nissan ProPILOT Assist.

There are two levels to Nissan’s subscription services with the capacity to switch tiers each month. After a $495 (PHP 25,000) membership activation fee, the monthly subscription includes the vehicle (unlimited switches, as often as a new vehicle each day), delivery, cleaning, insurance, roadside assistance, and regular maintenance. For instance, for a $699 (PHP 35,400) monthly fee, subscribers will gain access to a core group of Nissan vehicles via the Select tier: the AltimaRoguePathfinder and Frontier

Nissan is currently working with Central Houston Nissan to manage this new subscription service. Meanwhile, a dealership concierge member will transport the vehicle anywhere within the Select Service area, allowing to transfer items from one vehicle to vehicle.

The concierge also offers customers to walk-around the car at the time of the delivery to answer any inquiries related to safety, key features, and even driver-assist technologies.

We are eager to explore subscription services to understand how we can best serve customers’ evolving wants and needs,” said Chad Milow, general manager, Central Houston Nissan. “This is a great opportunity for people to drive what they want when they need it for one, predictable payment.”

Customers can find more information about Nissan Switch, or enroll at through August 2023.

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