NLEX-SLEX Connector, More MRT Trains to Ease EDSA Traffic

NLEX-SLEX Connector, More MRT Trains to Ease EDSA Traffic

Traffic may be a big problem in the Philippines, but it can be reduced once the NLEX-SLEX connector road is completed by January. This is according to Senator Grace Poe, who thinks that the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX)-South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) connector road, together with more trains operating for the Metro Rail Transit (MRT), and elevated walkways that connect buildings in urban centers, will significantly lessen traffic around the metro.


"There are things that can help traffic move faster in EDSA and Mega Manila--the completion of the NLEX-SLEX connector road, which hopefully by January will be completed," Poe said in her speech for the Business World Industry 4.0 Summit.

The eight-km, four-lane expressway is constructed to pass through Metro Manila from north to south, which can help lessen the number of vehicles plying through EDSA's roads daily.

Moreover, Poe thinks that increasing the number of operational trains running the MRT can make a big difference in relieving traffic congestion around the metro. However, plans have yet to be made regarding its implementation.

"We've been promised many times that the trains that were imported from Dalian will be working soon, but out of the 16 trains, only two or three are working after five years," Poe said.

She also added conventional walkways that link buildings in commercialized and urban centers to help lessen traffic.

"If the government would mandate that, if you build certain buildings in a financial center or a business center, you should already have elevated walkways to connect to other buildings," the senator explained.

According to her, this would be more effective than regulating transport network companies like Angkas and Grab. She added that "nothing chokes an enterprise more than excessive regulation."

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