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Old Man Bullied for His “Ugly” Yellow Car Gets a Spectacular Tribute

Yellow Vauxhall Corsa with Peter Maddox

Eighty-four year old Peter Maddox is a retired dentist in U.K. who always loved his Vauxhall Corsa yellow car. However, photographers and tourists complained it was an “eyesore” to the picturesque Arlington Row that he currently resides in. So Maddox decided to change to a gray version of the same car, instead.

The word “decided” is actually a mild word for it. “Pressured” is rather a much better term to describe why he did it.

The final straw for the senior citizen was when a vandal scratched “MOVE” on his car’s bonnet. His panels were also scratched, and side windows and windscreen smashed. The final repair cost totaled to £6,000 worth of damage, so he decided to just buy a gray vehicle of the same model instead of having it repaired.

Peter Maddox with his new gray Vauxhall car

Marie Kraus, his daughter-in-law, said: “Peter is understandably upset at the loss of his car and his independence, but he is also very fond of his lovely yellow car.

‘Obviously, it is sad to lose the yellow one but he feels he does not want to antagonize anyone with a bright color. He just wants to drive peacefully.’

Maddox once parked his banana-colored car outside Cotswolds cottage of Bilbury, located in 14th-century Arlington Row that’s owned by the National Trust.

Considered the “most beautiful village in England,” Bilbury showcases thatched cottages, with crooked streets, medieval cottages, golden stones, and rolling hills. This beautiful village attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

The picturesque Bilbury, with a glimpse of Peter's yellow Vauxhall Corsa on the side.

Maddox moved to Bilbury after his wife died 15 years ago, and bought his yellow car three year ago. Since he was old and had nowhere else to park, he habitually parked at the top of the street near his home.

However, many people, especially photographers and visitors, complained of Maddox’s bright yellow car “photobombing” their souvenir snapshots. This prompted a backlash of criticisms, with many tourists calling his vehicle an “ugly, yellow car”.

A twitter snapshot mentioning Peter Maddox's yellow car.

Ever since the story appeared early this year, yellow car owners from all over U.K. have expressed their sympathies and support to the 84-year old. So last April 1, they organized a Bright Yellow Car Convoy that traveled to Bilbury as a “celebration of anything yellow.”

Maddox was also there as a passenger traveling once again in his favorite yellow car.

Yellow cars in act of solidarity to Peter Maddox

Organiser Matty Bee, from Coventry, said: “The response has been amazing and overwhelming; people from all over the country and all over the world have applied to join the group.

“We’ve had everything here from a three-wheeler and a Mini to a Lamborghini super car…I’ve never seen so many yellow coloured cars in one place.”

The money raised from the event was donated to The Butterfly Garden, a Cheltenham charity chosen by Peter and his family.

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