Petron taps Brandon Vera to be the face of Rev-X diesel oil line

Brandon Vera for Petron Rev-X

Petron Corporation has announced that mixed martial arts (MMA) artist Brandon Vera is the new face — and muscle — of Petron Rev-X diesel engine oil line.

In a statement, Petron said that the company is “honored to have gained the partnership” of the former ONE Heavyweight MMA Champion, who is “known to only work with world-class brands,” when he agreed to represent one of Petron’s products.

“An athlete who has ruled the cage through the mastery of various combat disciplines, Vera's outstanding performance and versatility parallel the world-class specifications and class-leading benefits of Petron Rev-X,” Petron claimed.

Specially formulated to get the best out of diesel engines, Petron Rev-X engine oils reduce friction, protect metal parts from corrosion, prevent wear on moving engine parts, keep the engine clean from engine deposits and act as coolant.

Brandon Vera for Petron Rev-X

The Dynamic Cleaning Technology (DC Tech) additive found in the Petron Rev-X sustains engine cleanliness for a more responsive, smoother driving experience as well as longer engine life. 

According to Vera, the Rev-X diesel engine oil with DC Tech gives “maximum cleaning power” to “unlock maximum engine performance.”

Petron Rev-X is offered from mineral to fully synthetic with different viscosity grades and quality levels to cater different types of diesel engines operating under diverse conditions. These are:

  • Petron Rev-X RX 800 Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-40. The top-tier product for heavy duty and high-speed four-stroke diesel engines is approved and certified according to specifications of API CJ-4/SM and it has the performance profile of ACEA E7, E9.
  • Petron Rev-X Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-30. Designed for turbocharged or supercharged diesel engines and light-duty trucks,  it has the performance profile of API CJ-4/SN, ACEA E9, Cummins CES 20081, DFS 93K218, MAN M 3575, MB-Approval 228.31, MTU Oil Category 2.1, Volvo VDS-4, Mack EO-O Premium Plus and Renault RLD-3.
  • Petron Rev-X RX600 Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-40. Created for turbocharged or supercharged high-performance diesel engines operating under both low speed-high load and high speed-low load conditions, it has the performance profile of API CI-4/SL, Cummins CES 20076/20077, Mack EO-N, MAN M3275-1, MB Approval 228.3, MTU Oil Category 2, Volvo VDS-3, Renault RLD-2.
  • Petron Rev-X Premium Multi-Grade HD4X SAE 15W-40. A multi-grade engine oil for FX, trucks, buses, off-road vehicles as well as agricultural tractors and equipment, it has the performance profile of API CF/SF and MB Approval 227.1.
  • Petron Rev-X RX400 Premium Multi-Grade SAE 15W-40. Suited for engines with EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) and other emissions control systems, it is approved and certified according to specifications of API CI-4/SL, Mack EO-N, Volvo VDS-3, Renault VI RLD-2, MB-Approval 228.3 and MTU Oil Category 2 and it has the performance profile of ACEA E7, Cummins 20077/20076, MAN M 3275, and Detroit Diesel 93K215.
  • Petron Rev-X HD (Available in SAE 10W/30/40/50). This is recommended for use in jeepneys, buses, AUVs, and mixed commercial fleets, particularly those requiring short drain intervals. It has the performance profile of API/CF.

Petron Rev-X

When used in combination with Petron Diesel Max and Turbo Diesel, engines are guaranteed of reliable engine protection while enjoying improved fuel economy and lower maintenance costs as well as cleaner emissions.

“As a homegrown oil company, industry leader Petron Corporation continues to blaze new trails with innovative products that have been uniquely formulated to meet Philippine driving conditions and cater to the needs of Filipino motorists,” Petron concluded.

Photos from Petron Corporation

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