Piaggio Group releases special (Vespa Elettrica) RED


The Piaggio Group partners with (RED), the non-profit organization founded by U2 frontman Bono and Bobby Shriver, for the (Vespa Elettrica) RED. The special-edition Vespa scooter was presented at the recently held 2021 Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA) in Milan, aptly finished in red paint.


  • What parts of the Vespa Elettrica were painted red?

    The (Vespa Elettrica) RED wears a red steel body, saddle, and wheel rims.
  • How does the (Vespa Elettrica) RED help fund the fight against pandemics?

    Every purchase of the (Vespa Elettrica) RED will lead to a US$100 donation to the Global Fund.
  • Are there any other scooters that played similar roles as the (Vespa Elettrica) RED?

    Yes, there was (Vespa 946) RED in 2017 and the (Vespa Primavera) RED in 2020.
  • The (Vespa Elettrica) RED drops its special gray finish in exchange for a red steel body, saddle, and wheel rims. It does, however, have chrome trims that run along the entire perimeter of the shield, the “bow-tie” friezes, and the crest on the front fender.


    The (Vespa Elettrica) RED is the third exclusive product born of Vespa’s parent company’s collaboration with (RED). It started (Vespa 946) RED in 2017 followed by the (Vespa Primavera) RED in 2020.

    These collaborative pieces were designed to embody the shared values ​​of attention to global health and respect for the environment and the planet.

    Every purchase of the (Vespa Elettrica) RED will lead to a donation (US $100) to support the Global Fund, one of the world's largest donors of global health, to support together with (RED) the fight against pandemics.

    Photos from Piaggio Group

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