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Rainchem International Launches New Oil, Fuel Additives

Rainchem International, Inc. is introducing the Raimol Titanium Fuel Saver fuel additives, “the new and economical way to save fuel for diesel and gasoline engines,” and the Raimol Tribofilm Oil Additive, which “prolongs engine life and reduces oil and fuel consumption for gasoline and diesel engines.”

Rainchem International, Inc. is a 100-percent Filipino-owned company that is being managed by its President and Chief Executive Officer, Engineer Robert Dela Peña, a chemical engineer by profession.

Suce 1995, Rainchem has been serving a wide variety of consumers of heavy industrial lubricants, marine transport oil, greases, motor and engine oil of hundreds of corporations.

Rainchem started its export business in 2017, iniially with Vietnam, and is currently in negotiations with Papua New Guinea. It is also making itself viable with other Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar.

Rainchem is also into distributing biodegradable and eco-friendly home care cleaning solutions under its ‘Nature’s Rain’ brand.

“In our effort to accept the market challenges, Rainchem continuously reinvents, innovates, and competes,” the company said in a statement. “Raimol is not just a product, it is Rainchem’s answer to what every engine needs. We dare to compare!”

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