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Ride Vision Developing 360-Degree Predictive Camera for Motorcycles

You should always be alert when you’re riding a motorcyle as a slight mistake can lead to an accident. With this in mind, tech companies and manufacturers are constantly doing its best to make motorcycles safer. Ride Vision, an Israeli tech start-up, is one of the many companies that intends to improve motorcycle safety through its Collision Aversion Technology (CAT).

CAT is a combination of artificial intelligence and computer vision that uses standard cameras as sensors. The goal of this technology is to warn motorcycle riders of possible crashes or accidents before they actually happen. The system uses a standard wide angled 360-degree camera to detect possible crashes. If it detects an impending crash, the system will warn the rider with visual and audio warnings.

Simply put, CAT is designed to be the rider’s 360-degree predictive vision on the road. This significantly increases and improves motorcycle safety. As of this writing, Ride Vision’s CAT is under the development stage. There’s no word yet as to when it will be launched. Watch the video below to get more information about Ride Vision’s CAT.

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