Sablaya Maintains Overall Lead in Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup 2019

Sablaya Maintains Overall Lead in Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup 2019

A tough yet challenging wet race welcomed the competing racers during the Round 4 of the Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup 2019 held at the Clark International Speedway. On board their Honda CBR150R, racers showcased the capabilities of the bikes, as well as their riding prowess. During the deluge at the qualifiers, Marco Ventinilla was third on the grid while Travhys Paralejas was in fourth with a 0.542 seconds difference between each other. Chino Hung secured second place on the grid as he failed to steal the Pole Position from Jakob Sablaya. Hung finished Race 1 on the top step of podium with 16:13:017, with a 1.363 second difference against Sablaya. Ventinilla completed the top three with 16:15:390. In Race 2, Hung challenged Sablaya, who was leading the whole six lap round, as he tried to attack from behind, but the gap proved to be insurmountable as he finished in second place with just a 0.039-second difference. Ventinilla also gave his all as he went head-to-head against Kokoy Mangibin to claim the third spot with a 0.05-second difference. Sablaya remains the number one contender of the Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup 2019 with an overall commanding lead of 195 points while Hung and Ventinilla are on the prowl at second (159 points) and third place (120 points), respectively. The said activity is sponsored by, Idemitsu, KTC Kyoto Tools, NGK Spark Plugs, NHK Helmet, Racing Boy, RK Takasago Chain, Threebond, Pirelli Tires, ARacer, Speedtek and Zero to Podium Racing School.

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