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Samsung’s Smart Windshield Makes Riding Motorcycles Safer (?) on the Road

The question mark on the title isn’t a mistake. It’s there because we’re not quite sure what to make of Samsung‘s new concept idea, the Smart Windshield. At first glance, it’s quite an impressive technology; yet we still can’t shake off some lingering doubts.

Really, if there’s one idea that makes us feel both safe and unsafe at the same time, then Samsung’s Smart Windshield bags the prize.

Samsung's Smart Windshield

Unveiled by Samsung Italia, this bike is described as “a new concept of safety on two wheels.” Basically, it’s a heads-up display for scooters (and eventually, motorcycles) that allow riders to access their smartphone without taking off their hands from the handlebar. Yamaha and Samsung collaborated on creating the prototype, and chose the Tricity scooter to demonstrate their new technology.

Unlike other heads-up-style concept ideas that need a lot to be produced, Samsung’s Smart Windshield only needs four things: a Samsung Galaxy phone, a Samsung app , a projector that connects to a WiFi, and a windshield.

Samsung Smart Windshield front view

It works by pairing a Samsung smartphone to a small device that comes with a projector. While you’re on the road, the device will use an app to retrieve information on your smartphone and will be shown on a small screen located at the bottom of the bike’s windshield. This allows you to make and receive calls and texts, receive email and text notifications, use your apps, and check your GPS and current speed without so much as lifting your pinky finger.

We do have some questions, though: Aren’t you just changing the form of distraction from your phone to the windshield, instead? While this feature can be especially handy when you need to talk to someone on your phone, using the controls to check your emails, read texts and other notifications on your dashboard is still distraction, nevertheless.

Also, even if reading on the display monitor is better than using your phone, the mere act of looking down on the windshield can still make you lose focus on the road.

Still, it does have its strengths. What we like about this feature is that it can automatically send a text to someone and say you’re on the road and can’t answer the phone to their incoming call. It’s a simple feature, yet extremely handy if you need to stay connected with important people and “high-maintenance” clients at all times.

The Samsung Safe Windshield is still at its prototype stage for now. Let’s see how well this technology will develop and improve its existing flaws. You can learn more about the Samsung Smart Windshield here:

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