Stellantis to move large platform EV production to Window, Ontario


In a recent announcement, Stellantis shared that the production of its large-platform EVs will be moved to its production facility in Windsor, Ontario. 


  • When will Stellantis' Windsor plant undergo upgrades?

    According to Stellantis, upgrades to the Windsor plant will commence in 2023.
  • When will Stellantis' Brampton plant undergo upgrades?

    Stellantis said that its Brampton facility will undergo upgrades the following year, in 2024.
  • Stellantis’ Windsor plant will also be transformed to support battery electric vehicle (BEV) capability for multiple models. The plant, said Stellantis, will have maximum flexibility to adjust production volumes as needed to meet changing market demand over the next decade. “Retooling” is expected to begin in 2023.


    “There has been a lot of speculation, and while we’re not prepared to discuss any product details today, we’re happy to confirm that Windsor will produce vehicles on our new STLA Large platform,” said Stellantis North America COO Mark Stewart.

    The conglomerate's assembly plant in Brampton, Ontario, which currently produces its L-series vehicles, such as the Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, and the Dodge Challenger, will undergo an upgrade in 2024. After which, the Brampton plant will resume production of the said vehicles as well as introduce an all-new, flexible architecture to support the company’s electrification plans.

    These moves are part of the company’s investment of CA$3.6 billion (US$2.8 billion) to support its Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan and its long-term electrification strategy to invest CA$45 billion (US$35 billion) through 2025 in electrification and software globally.


    “These announcements represent key pieces of our Dare Forward strategy to provide safe, clean, and affordable mobility solutions for our customers long into the future,” said Stewart.

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