Suzuki injects more power, gives ride mode feature to all-new GSX-S1000


Suzuki has unveiled the all-new GSX-S1000, now with increased engine power and a new performance tweaker called the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS).

This street fighter packs a liquid-cooled 999cc four-cylinder engine, which makes 150hp and 106Nm of torque. Suzuki said this engine now gives a "broader, smoother torque curve... and abundant power throughout the engine's mid- to high-rpm range."

Not only did the new electronic throttle control systems, and revised intake and exhaust mechanisms bring the power bump, they also make the GSX-S1000 comply with the Euro 5 emission standards. The standards became mandatory for all-new motorcycles sold in Europe from 2020.

Meanwhile, the SIRS will allow the rider to optimize the bike's performance characteristics according to his or her riding style, level of experience, and riding conditions, Suzuki said.


The SIRS includes the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (SDMS) feature, which aims to deliver maximum engine output while allowing control over the level of throttle response, and torque characteristics when accelerating. There are three modes in SDMS.

The first mode is the Active mode in which the sharpest throttle response is delivered as soon as the throttle is opened. Torque output is likewise finely tuned, and this mode is ideal when the GSX-S1000 is taken on track days, or back-road blasting, Suzuki added.

Basic mode features softer throttle response, and a more linear power delivery curve as the throttle is opened. Settings here are tuned to fit a wide range of riding styles, conditions, and to help make the bike more controllable in everyday riding.

Comfort mode is true to its name with even softer throttle response and more gentle torque characteristics. This mode is useful when riding on wet or slippery surfaces, or for more relaxed riding, Suzuki suggested.

Also included is SIRS is the Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS). STCS is programmed to continuously monitor front and rear wheel speed, engine RPM, throttle position, gear position, and designed to limit power to prevent slipping when it determines a sudden loss of traction.

The rider will get to shift cogs of the manual transmission quicker, too, with the Quick Shift System

Other updates in the GSX-S1000 are its LED head- and tail lights and signal lights.

An LCD instrument cluster informs the rider of a wealth of information. Aside from the usual speedometer and tachometer, the LCD also has readouts for lap times, SDMS mode, if the Quick Shift switched on or off, battery voltage, RPM indicator, and service reminder.


The new GSX-S1000 will be sold worldwide after its initial delivery in Europe from June 2021, Suzuki added. Riders who may be unable to wait for this bike's local arrival can ride a GSX-S1000 ABS for now. 

Another two-wheeler that Suzuki has updated is the Burgman 400 maxi-scooter, which will be released in the United Kingdom in September. Just like its street fighter sibling, the Burgman 400 also features exterior appearance and performance updates. 

Photos from Suzuki 

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