Suzuki Japan reports 2020 vehicle recycling results


Suzuki Motor Corporation recently announced its 2020 vehicle recycling results. This report follows the Japan Automobile Recycling Law mandated by the Japanese government which promotes the recycling of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs).

Enacted in January 2005, the Automobile Recycling Law aims to deal with automobile shredder residues (ASRs), fluorocarbons, and airbags, promote a framework for proper competition, minimize the amount of final waste going into landfills, and prevent the illegal disposal of ELVs.

According to Suzuki, “recycling of these materials are appropriately, smoothly, and efficiently conducted by consigning the treatment to Japan Auto Recycling Partnership as for airbags and fluorocarbons, and to Automobile Shredder Residue Recycling Promotion Team as for ASR.”

Suzuki collected 57,148.7 tons of ASR from 418,527 units of ELVs. The recycling rate was 96.4 percent, exceeding the legal target rate of 70 percent.

In addition, the company collected 1,537,938 airbags from 347,050 units of ELVS giving Suzuki a 94.9 percent recycling rate, exceeding the legal target of 85 percent.

Fluorocarbons collected amounted to 80,395.6kg out of 384,134 ELV units.

In light of the legal directive, Suzuki will continue to promote the appropriate treatment of its auto parts through the recycling fee deposited from customers.

Recycling fees and income generated from the vehicle-recycling fund totaled ¥3,958 million while the total cost of recycling the aforementioned materials for the fiscal year 2020 was ¥3,660 million. This resulted in a net surplus of ¥298 million.

Out of the remaining ¥298 million, Suzuki donated ¥235 million to the Japan Foundation for Advanced Auto Recycling, and ¥86 million to the advanced recycling business of the company.

Suzuki plans to stabilize the total recycling costs as part of the company’s mid and long-term goals. Apart from the recycling costs, Suzuki bears ¥119 million as management-related cost of Japan Automobile Recycling Promotion Center and recycling-related cost of ASR.

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