The 2019 Puritalia Berlinetta is Something to Watch Out at the 2019 Geneva Show

It's got an advanced V8 super hybrid engine with a powerful 965 hp and 1,200 Nm of torque to make us sing. And with an exotic-sounding name to boast about, then it's no wonder that the 2019 Puritalia Berlinetta is something to look forward to at the 89th Geneva Motor Show this coming March 7-17.

Puritalia Berlinetta

Made with total carbon fiber body, it makes you want to reminisce about  the 50's and 60's  Golden Years of Italian automobile design--something that its maker, the Puritalia Autombili intended to do in the first place.

The Italian Super-hybrid has a front-mounted V8 internal combustion engine and a rear parallel-mounted advanced axial flux electric motor. Its patented, cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Puritalia Purhydrive, allows the car to "auto-learn a person's driving style to enable a smarter management of its electric power".

The Berlinetta is fully-connected, and its system allows to control and manage the entire car through its touch-screen, vocal controls, and even remotely by smartphone.

Puritalia Berlinetta

You can't buy a Puritalia--each car will be customized depending on the customer's specifications. And you need to hurry because only 150 of them will be produced.

Whatever the case, expect a lot of meticulous details put into each vehicle. For instance, it took almost 800 hours for them just to finish the entire carbon-fiber painting and finishing of the vehicle. According to its CEO, Paolo Parente:

"We like to think that we don't sell our cars. We entrust them to owners who can take care of them and enjoy them, because they understand and appreciate the exacting technical details and the care we put into building them," he said in the press release.

Puritalia Berlinetta

About Puritalia Automobili

Puritalia Automobili, makers of  custom-made, handcrafted, high-tech Italian sports car was founded by Paolo Parente. He partnered with car designer Fabio Ferrante to build fuoriserie cars in the spirit of the Golden Years of Italian automobile design using the most advanced technologies today.

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