The 765LT is McLaren's most powerful drop-top to date

McLaren 765LT Spider

With its four-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with 765hp and 800Nm of torque, and a zero-to-100kph time of 2.8 seconds, the 765LT Spider is the fastest convertible "longtail" (LT) model McLaren has ever made. 

The 765LT Spider mated its V8 to an automatic gearbox, which is said to have revised gear ratios for 15 percent quicker gear changes compared to its base car, the 720S Spider. More of the supercar's speedy credentials include a quarter-mile sprint of 10 seconds, and a top speed of 330kph. 

The 765LT Spider is likely to be sold out just as quickly, as McLaren said it plans to produce only 765 examples of the car. 

Following McLaren's lightweight ethos, the Spider's retractable hardtop roof and operating mechanism is said to only add 49 kilograms over the 765LT Coupe. While compared to the 720S Spider, the 765LT is about 80 kg lighter at 1,388 kg.

McLaren 765LT Spider

The weight savings also came from a titanium exhaust system which is 40 percent lighter over the steel equivalent, Formula 1-grade transmission materials, and thinner glass. 

The electrically operated hardtop is a one-piece carbon fiber panel that unfurls in just 11 seconds, and up to 50kph. McLaren said that because of the strength and stiffness of the structure, no additional bracing is required over the coupe. Carbon fiber supports at the supercar's rear aim to provide rollover protection.

McLaren 765LT Spider

With the roof open, the 765LT Spider's "motorsport-inspired"  interior with carbon fiber racing seats, center tunnel, floor, and lightweight Alcantara can be seen much better. The British auto marque said that the aircon and audio are not included as standard to save weight, but can be specified at no additional cost. 

McLaren 765LT Spider

With the roof in place, the powered rear window allows the noise from quad titanium exhaust system to filter into the cabin. All the glass is made thinner, too, to bring more sound in as well as to save kilograms. 

Sitting at the edge of the longtail is an active rear wing, which adjusts its own angle depending on the position of the roof. The 765LT Spider's wing is fashioned out of carbon fiber, like its front splitter and floor, side skirts, front and rear bumpers and rear diffuser. 

McLaren 765LT Spider

“We developed the 765LT Spider to be a car without compromise, every bit as exciting and rewarding to drive as the coupe, with all of the connection, closeness, and engagement, but with the added benefit of so much more of that amazing LT sound, even closer to the driver,“ McLaren Chief Engineer James Warner summed up thus. 

The Spider can be optioned with the Clubsport Pack, LT Black Pack, plus customization from McLaren Special Operations. 

Photos from McLaren

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