This Car Vending Machine in Oklahoma City Makes Buying Used Cars a Unique Experience

This Car Vending Machine in Oklahoma City Makes Buying Used Cars a Unique Experience

Need a car fast? Perhaps you can visit the recently-opened Carvana if you're somewhere within 1800 West Memorial Road in Oklahoma City.

This glass-tower, which measures around eight-stories high, contains 27 vehicles, which customers can buy on Once their purchase is validated, then they can just drop by Carvana and have the option to pick it up from its 'humongous' vending machine. All they need to do to get their vehicle is to get their 'commemorative' (and 'extra huge') Carvana coin to place  inside the 'coin slot.'

This process, according to, usually takes around a few minutes.

Here's how it works:

The used car detailing company allows customers to shop, sell, trade, and finance their cars via its Carvana website. Each of the cars come with a Seven-Day 'Test Own' return policy, which allows customers to return their vehicles within seven days of the purchase date.

Aside from the Seven-Day Test, the company also assures customers of its strict, 150-point inspection. There will also be a vehicle description page that lists down its most important features, notable imperfections, and other updated open-safety-recall information.

In the end, a  'Carvana-Certified' vehicle means that it has been thoroughly checked, and has never been in a reported accident. It also means that there are no damages to the vehicle's frame.

Carvana was the brainchild of Ernest Garcia III, Ryan Keeton and Ben Huston in 2012. Dubbed as 'Amazon of Auto' after selling a record 94,108 used vehicles online in 2018, Carvana's annual  revenue has jumped from USD859 million in 2017 to nearly USD2 billion in 2018.

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