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TNVS Drivers/Operators to LTFRB: “Allow Us to Operate”

Transport network vehicle service (TNVS) drivers and operators on Friday appealed to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to issue an amnesty that would allow them to operate.

During a press conference, Bobby Coronel, founder of TNVS group TopSpeed, noted that the LTFRB order that suspends the acceptance of new applicants for provisional authority (PA) will turn one year this month.

TNVS Signature Campaign

The groups that are affected with the suspension order on Friday started a signature campaign/petition to request the transport agency to issue an amnesty to their drivers.

Nicolas said that there are a lot of TNVS drivers that are being slapped with fines and even have their vehicles impounded.

Fiona Nicolas, Government and Communications Manager of Grab Philippines, said that the TNVS drivers and operators are planning to forward the petition/signature campaign to the LTFRB on the suspension order’s “birthday,” which is on July 21.

Nicolas said that the TNVS drivers have already given the proper documents requested by the LTFRB, but many have yet to receive the PA.

Coronel said that they are now appealing to the LTFRB officials, saying that they have always wanted to fully comply with the regulations set by the government but the applications were either not processed judiciously or did not make the cut as result of the suspension.

According to Coronel, the amnesty would provide them the opportunity to rightfully conform with the legalities and to make things right with the government.

Further, the TNVS groups that joined the signature campaign on Friday also sought for the immediate accreditation of transport network company Grab, whose accreditation expired last July 3.

Based on the petition, the signatories believe that there are colorum TNVS drivers. “But all of us have gone through required training of TNCs as well as the process of submitting numerous requirements to operate legitimately. While we deserve to be given provisional authority, we were left hanging considering the huge backlog,” the petition stated.

“Many of us were unemployed, some are retirees. We were given the chance to be productive by becoming partners of Transport Network Companies (TNC). Most of us are also private and government employees, teachers, police and professionals. TNCs help us augment our meager salaries through its platform, and we were able to give our families more comfortable lives,” the petition stated further.

“With amnesty, we will be able to make amends and start anew. With the lifting of suspension, we will be able to operate legally,” it added.

TNVS Signature Campaign

Meanwhile, LTFRB board member Aileen Lizada said that they will discuss the request of the drivers following the hearing on colorum TNCs on July 11.

The transport regulatory board member said that at around 3,700 registered TNVs driver/operators with the LTFRB as opposed to the estimated 50,000 active driver/operators as claimed by Coronel.


Story and photos by Ruben Manahan IV

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