Top 10 Hatchbacks in the Philippines 2017

Hatchback, you say? Well then, Carmudi is only happy to oblige. As the Filipino’s buying power increases, and with the growing importance of having your own mode of transportation, it only makes sense to make your first car a hatchback. They’re relatively cheap, easy to navigate, and suitable for an urban family of four or five. On top of that, they’re also flexible enough to fit a lot of varying needs. So if you’re in the market for a five-door compact vehicle, Carmudi offers you the best of the bunch.

1. BYD F0 (starts at ₱ 548,000)


One look at those twin headlights and we were hooked. Fortunately, those pretty eyes aren’t the only thing this Chinese hatchback has to offer. Recently updated for 2017, the BYD F0 sure looks to change your idea of what a Chinese made car could be. It’s packed with some really cool features, such as smart keyless entry, a push-button start/stop system, and comes in a choice automatic or manual transmission, both 5-speed. New for 2017 are the facelifted fascia bumpers, daytime running lights, foldaway rear seat, and push-button rear hatch opener.

Engine Type BYD 371QA
Displacement 1.0 liter
Max Power hp/rpm 67 hp @ 6,000 rpm
Max Torque Nm/rpm 66 lb-ft (90Nm) @ 4,500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 30 liters

2. Chevrolet Spark (starts at ₱ 648,000)

Chevrolet Spark

The Chevrolet Spark proves that being small doesn’t mean unsafe. With the Golden Bow Tie’s hatchback offering, you get dual airbags, anti-lock brakes, engine immobilizer, and surprisingly, traction control, making the Spark the cheapest car on the market with this feature. The looks and performance scream ‘fun,’ and as if to attest to this nature, you get color names the likes of Black Meet Kettle, Mint My Mind, Pull Me Over Red, and Sun of a Gun Gray Metallic.

Engine Type 1.2L Inline 4 & 1.0L Inline 4
Displacement      cc 1,399
Max Power hp/rpm 99 hp @ 6,200 rpm
Max Torque Nm/rpm 128 Nm @ 4,400 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 32

3. Honda Jazz (starts at ₱ 788,000)

2017 Honda Jazz

If your taste leans toward the more upscale, then the Honda Jazz should suit you mighty fine. Built to impress, the new Jazz models come packed with a wide variety of safety, convenience, and entertainment features. Though the current Jazz is slightly bigger than its previous incarnation, it also got lighter. Thus, versatility and fuel efficiency have improved on the new Jazz when compared to its predecessor.

Engine Type
Chain Drive SOHC i-VTEC 16 valve
Displacement      cc 1,496
Max Power hp/rpm  120 / 6600
Max. Torque N-m (kg-m) / rpm 14.8/4800
Fuel tank capacity 40

4. Ford Fiesta (starts at ₱ 755,000)

Ford Fiesta

Like the Honda Jazz, the Ford Fiesta caters more to those who are looking for finer things in a hatchback, and have the money to spare for it. On the road, the Fiesta is nimble as it is quick, allowing drivers to navigate through tight spots with ease. It’s also a speedy performer, and the installed insulation and suspension system ensures you of a quiet and comfortable ride as you try to hit higher speeds.

Engine Type 1.6L 16-valve Ti-VCT I-4
Displacement      cc 2,993
Max Power hp/rpm  120/ 6,350
Max Torque Nm/rpm 112 Nm/ 5,000
Fuel tank capacity 35

5. Hyundai Accent (starts at ₱ 668,000)

Hyundai Accent Hatchback

Some may dislike the fact that base Accent sedans are being widely used as taxis, but if you can get over the idea, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the Hyundai Accent hatchback. Though the short nose and bulldog stance makes it less attractive than other Hyundai entry level offerings, there’s plenty to love in the vehicle. For starters, the cruise control, multifunction steering wheel, hands-free kit, full leather interior, and Bluetooth connectivity features certainly deserve the ‘wow’ reaction.

Engine Type U-II 1.6-liter CRDi VGT (Euro 4)
Displacement      cc 1,5582
Max Power ps/rpm  136/ 4000
Max Torque kg-m/rpm 26/ 1500
Fuel tank capacity 43

6. Kia Forte (starts at ₱ 1,090,000)

Kia Forte

The Kia Forte is easy on the eyes, with a calming pleasantness that invites you in. There’s little argument that the Forte is a good car, but it’s laid-back demeanor belies the fact that it’s one of the best hatchback options around. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the Kia Forte if it’s a hatchback that you’re looking for.

Engine Type Gamma 1.6 MPI
Displacement      cc 1,591
Max Power hp/rpm 130/6,300
Max. Torque (kg • m / rpm) 16.0/4,850
Fuel tank capacity 16.1

7. Mazda 3 (starts at ₱ 998,000)


The Mazda 3 has been dubbed as the best hatchback in the Philippine market by a staggering majority of car reviewers and enthusiasts in the country. Offering the perfect combination of looks, comfort, performance, and features, the car is such a joy to drive that you’ll swear it costs a lot more than the price tag.

Engine Type 2.0 R Speed 5DR
Displacement      cc 1,998
Max Power hp/rpm 153 / 6,000
Max Torque Nm/rpm 200 / 4,000
Fuel tank capacity 51

8. Mitsubishi Mirage (starts at ₱ 560,000)

Mitsubishi Mirage

Many may consider the Mitsubishi Mirage an entry level car, but these days, entry level is often no longer synonymous with ‘sparse and bare.’ And the Mirage is proof of this, if you’re looking for a hatchback that’s practically the complete package. Family of five? Apart from dual airbags, the Mirage is the only one in its segment with Isofix seats and three-point seatbelts for the rear center passenger, so score points for safety.

Engine Type GL 2WD M/T
Displacement      cc 2,477
Max Power hp/rpm  134/ 4000
Max Torque Nm/rpm 324Nm/ 2000
Fuel tank capacity 35

9. Nissan Juke (starts at ₱ 980,000)

Nissan Juke

Is it a hatchback or an SUV? The look of the Nissan Juke is so fresh it defies expectations. Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, one thing’s for sure: the Nissan Juke is a seriously eye-catching and fun compact car that’s perfect for modern urban living. Blending awesome looks with attractive prices and generous levels of equipment, the Juke certainly stands out from everything else in the segment.

Engine Type HR12DE
Displacement      cc 1,198
Max Power hp/rpm  99 / 6000
Max Torque Nm/rpm 134 Nm/ 4000
Fuel tank capacity 16.1

10. Suzuki Swift (starts at ₱ 638,000)

Suzuki Swift

Many may note that the Suzuki Swift looks like the Mini Cooper, and they won’t be wrong, because Suzuki freely admits that the British make is an inspiration for their hatchback model. Even the interior resembles the Mini Cooper completely. But more than just a pale imitation, the car offers a solid buy in terms of looks, features, and power.

Engine Type Inline 4 Cylinder, DOHC, 16 valves CVTC
Displacement      cc 1,598
Max Power hp/rpm  116/ 4000
Max Torque Nm/rpm 154Nm/ 2000
Fuel tank capacity 52

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