Toyota Mobility Foundation names 8 finalists in Make a Move Project's ‘Mobility for All’ category

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Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) announced the eight finalists for the “Mobility for All” category of its “Make a Move Project.”


  • How much money will each team receive to help them work towards the societal implementation of their ideas?

    Per TMF, each team will receive a ¥20 million (P8.363 million) grant from Toyota.
  • What is the focus of the “Mobility for All” category of TMF’s “Make a Move Project?”

    According to TMF, the focus of the “Mobility for All” category is motorsports and to gather ideas that would allow anyone to enjoy watching motorsports.
  • According to TMF, the eight teams were selected based on sustainability and the perspectives of the parties concerned.

    Each of the eight teams will be awarded a maximum of ¥20 million (P8.363 million) to work toward the societal implementation of their ideas, with verification tests planned for motorsports venues in 2023.

    Below are the eight finalists and their respective initiative details:

    Selected Teams

    Initiative Details

    Ashirase Inc.

    Improving the functionality and user experience of the “Ashirase” navigation system, which is attached to the shoes of visually impaired people and guides them via vibration

    Archinet Inc.

    Customer needs verification and commercialization consideration of mobile toilets that are combustible and hygienic and can also be used by people in wheelchairs

    ePara Inc.

    Creating an experience where people with disabilities form a community and take on the challenge of competing in esports tournaments linked to real competitions

    Okayama Broadcasting Co., Ltd.

    Training for sign language commentators to realize barrier-free information for motorsports

    CONE-XI Co., Ltd.

    Improve services that provide mobility support tailored to the needs of people with disabilities by matching home-visit nursing professionals and nursing care vehicles, and verify effectiveness in collaboration with medical care providers

    Technotools Corporation

    Improve devices that allow people with disabilities to operate racing simulators and promote first-hand experiences through use in esports

    Dentsu Inc.

    Using AI, generate real-time play-by-play audio based on driving data and live video so that visually impaired people can select commentary for the team they wish to support and enjoy the races aurally

    Music: Not Impossible 

    Improve the functionality and user experience of a suit that vibrates according to the sound of motorsport vehicles and allows the wearer to feel the sensation with their entire body

    Implemented in June this year, the “Make a Move Project” is a contest that aims to implement ideas and solutions in society together with people who have a range of experience and know-how. The “Mobility for All” category focuses on motorsports and TMF collected ideas that would allow anyone — regardless of the existence of a disability — to enjoy watching motorsports.

    gr yaris h2

    Since its founding, TMF has worked to solve mobility issues around the world through a diverse range of projects. In the Philippines, TMF and Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) helped Philippine General Hospital (PGH) frontliners by providing free shuttle services. The said shuttle services were equipped with air purifiers and disposable seat covers.

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