Toyota PH Recalls 65 Toyota Prius Units for Power Management ECU Reprogramming

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is recalling a number of Toyota Prius units for an issue with its power management engine control unit (ECU). The affected vehicle are 65 units of the Toyota Prius produced between April 16, 2009, and April 3, 2013. According to the Japanese carmaker, when the vehicle encounters certain errors with its hybrid system, it is designed to go into a failsafe driving mode. Toyota, however, has discovered that there are freak occurrences when the Prius will not go into a failsafe driving mode as intended. Instead, the vehicle could lose power and stall, and while the steering and braking would remain operation, a stall at high speed could result in a crash. As such, TMP has issued a special service campaign for the issue where it will reprogram the power management ECU at no cost to its customers. If you're one of the affected Prius owners, you'll have to wait for TMP to get in contact with you as the reprogramming software is supposedly still "under preparation." As soon as it becomes available though, TMP will notify concerned customers "through Official Notification Letters and invite them to bring their vehicles to Toyota Dealers for the special service."

Toyota Prius

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