Tussle of the 'lite trucks': Ford EcoSport vs. Suzuki Jimny


Small and tall are the top traits so desired in an "urban jungle" warrior. 

As cliché as the term already sounds, only a few vehicles can beat a small SUV's city capabilities. These 'lite trucks' offer the driver a vantage point of thick traffic, enough ground clearance for suddenly-flooded streets, steep carpark ramps, or the rough terrain, should they venture out of town. 

The Ford EcoSport and Suzuki Jimny, while competing in the same small SUV class, are different in many ways. The EcoSport appears to be more of a city slicker first and off-roader second, while the Jimny is the reverse. 

With prices for the EcoSport ranging from P750,000 to P1.019 million, and the Jimny from P1.095 to P1.215 million, which could be the king of the urban jungle? 

Running gear and ground clearance

The EcoSport aims to be an eco-friendly ride with its EcoBoost engine, a turbocharged one-liter mill 123hp and 170Nm. The EcoBoost powers the EcoBoost Titanium cars, while the Trend varieties get a 1.5-liter mill with 121hp and 150Nm. 


The base Trend MT uses a five-speed manual, the rest of the range a six-speed automatic. 

While the monocoque EcoSport only drives its front wheels, it has a ground clearance of 209 millimeters. 

The Jimny keeps it simple with only one engine: a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated gas engine good for 101hp and 138Nm of torque. The five-speed manual is reserved for the base variant, while the rest get a five-automatic. 


As for ground clearance, the Jimny's may be only one mm up (210mm) over the Ford, but it makes up for it with its AllGrip Pro

AllGrip Pro uses a body-on-frame construction that’s better suited for off-road excursions than a monocoque body. It's aided by a three-link rigid axle suspension with coil spring and a low range transfer gear. 


Standard on all Jimny varieties is four-wheel drive, which can be switched to two-wheel drive only when on paved roads. Like we said, the Jimny is an off-roader at heart. 

Interior amenities 

The EcoSport Titanium features a 10-speaker sound system, which is connected to an eight-inch touchscreen and operated by Ford's Sync3 operating system. A navigation system, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, multiple USB ports, and 12-volt outlets are also included. 


Inside the Jimny's utilitarian interior, there's an infotainment system complete with a color touchscreen interface, smartphone mirroring, and steering wheel-mounted remote controls. In the Jimny GLX, the infotainment screen can show off-road functions such as clinometer, compass, altimeter, and barometer. 


Both the EcoSport and Jimny's cargo area can be accessed via tailgates that swing sideways, and which carry the spare tire—quite retro touches. 



With more car-like features and styling, the EcoSport is a decent choice as a city car. Being front-wheel drive only also means this car is meant for paved roads, while its two rear doors make it more practical.


On the other hand, the three-door, 4WD Jimny looks like it can be comfortable enough in the city, while being capable in the rough stuff. And with such a following to its name, the Suzuki will likely retain its value in the long run.

In that regard, we think it's hip to be square. 

Photos from Ford, Suzuki

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