UAAGI, FMPI now 2019 ISO-Certified

United Asia Automotive Group, Inc. (UAAGI) and FOTON Motor Philippines, Inc. (FMPI) has successfully completed the requirements for ISO: 2015 Quality Management Systems Certification process.

With that, they are now recognized to be an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certified company by Integrated Assessment Services Ltd.

Officially receiving the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certificate was UAAGI and FMPI President Rommel Sytin.

During the company’s year-end celebration at Fontana Leisure Parks and Casino, Sytin said, “We are proud to say that our company has obtained an established and documented quality management system, training of people, and periodic assessment or audit, to ensure effectiveness, adequacy and relevance of the system in UAAGI and FMPI.”

United Asia Automotive Group, Inc. reached the Philippine shores on 2006.

Since then, the company has been the sole and official distributor of FOTON vehicles including passenger vehicles; light, medium, and heavy duty trucks; and heavy machinery in the country.

10 years after its inauguration, it opened an 11-hectare assembly plant in the Clark, Pampanga- the first and the only automotive production facility in Clark Freeport Zone.

FOTON now ranks 9th in the Philippines’ top automotive brands last 2018 after placing 12th on 2017.

It also finished 3rd in the light duty truck segment race.

“As one of the leading automotive brands in the Philippines, it is vital for us to meet the terms of all local and international regulatory requirements. UAAGI and FMPI’s efforts to improve its operations showcase our commitment to protect our employees, customers, contractors and service providers,” he added.

On November 2019, UAAGI officially announced its local distributorship of Chery, the largest passenger vehicle exporter in China.

With all the concentrated developments throughout the years, UAAGI and FMPI has been an idyllic marketplace where every customer has a fair chance of acquiring quality units at most affordable prices capped off with notable aftersales assistance.

“Continual improvement means there’s no end to the process. And I know that through my team’s hard work, we will be able to fulfill the requirements today and in the future. We will strive to identify current and future customer needs, to meet their requirements and to exceed their expectations.” Sytin concluded.

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