WATCH: This Circuit lets you Race in Mario Kart-like Track Layout

There's a go-kart circuit in Canada that should be on the bucket list of every Mario Kart racing game fan. Well, on second thought, this circuit can also put a huge smile on every speed junkie.

This is the Niagara Speedway, a go-kart circuit that's over 42-feet tall and is said to be Canada's first ever elevated go-kart track. It is a massive circuit that features a four-story spiral climb and a ramp. With this design, go-kart riders are said to feel like they're flying over a cliff.

The karts used in the Niagara Speedway are powered by a four-stroke Honda motor that delivers 9 hp with a maximum speed of 32 kph. However, you can't find items such as banana skin, bob-omb, triple red shell, bullet bill, and bowser shell in the track--these are weapons exclusively available in Mario Kart racing game only.

Are you ready to race in the Niagara Speedway? Watch the video posted below to see what it's like to drive through the said Mario Kart-like circuit.